Month: June 2016

Bing VS Google VS Yahoo

The three major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo all have a customer base so wide, you do not want to just stick with one. All are very different and when [...]

History of SEO

SEO marketing has changed tremendously over the years since its birth, and it will continue to change in the future. In its humble beginnings, SEO marketing [...]

Web Content Writing Tips

Your web content is like an ambassador for your company, and if it’s not on point you’re going to lose out on sales.Always start with keyword research for [...]

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy doesn’t create itself. It’s the result of clear intention, careful planning, and focused execution. As Carmen Hill, social media [...]

Dos and don’ts of social media

Have Your Social Media Profiles Completed in FullNo one likes to get to a Twitter page only to find out that they haven’t taken the time to upload a photo to [...]

Why hire dedicated employee from Indian Company?

Many companies started hiring dedicated employee instead of in-house team. “Why?” This may be a biggest question. Employees are the strength of the company [...]

Website Design Tips

Responsive design has become the new web standard. Many companies have accepted the challenge and have created specific design solutions (such as mobile only) [...]

Reputation Management Basics

Reputation Management shows businesses what people are saying about them, improves their visibility in local search and provides progress reports to prove [...]

Search Engine Optimization Basics

Google returns more than 240 Million search results in the US every day. If you are trying to connect with your audience, optimizing your ranking in search [...]

Content is King in SEO

Once upon a time, if you wanted to use SEO to increase your rankings, you simply crammed your website as full of keywords as possible. Some less scrupulous web [...]