Month: August 2017

Twitter for Business and Marketing

About TwitterTwitter is a short message communication tool that allows you to send out messages (tweets) up to 140 characters long to people who subscribe to [...]

Creating an Instagram Content Strategy

Sporadically scrolling through Instagram, randomly liking a few photos, and posting a close up portrait of your dog’s face for the fourth time in a week [...]

Difference between HTML 4 and HTML 5

Consistency in Handling Malformed DocumentsThe primary one is consistent, defined error handling. As you know, HTML purposely supports 'tag soup', or the [...]

Online Reputation Management

“Online reputation management.” Even if you’ve never heard this phrase before, you probably have a good sense of what it means. The first part (“online [...]

Simple Steps to Create a Facebook Retargeting Campaign

When you’re ready to set up your Facebook retargeting campaign, just follow these five simple steps. Note that these instructions assume that you already [...]

Google AdWords

AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click platform displayed on the very top and bottom of Google’s search results. It generates approximately 20% of all clicks in [...]


The reputation management definition can be separated into three different categories. Obviously, it is managing the reputation of a company, but it can be [...]

The Importance of Calls to Action

An effective call to action, or CTA, can have a resounding impact on revenue while also expanding customer reach.CTAs are common throughout the web, from [...]

Reputation Management

Reputation management (sometimes referred to as rep management, online reputation management or ORM) is the practice of attempting to shape public [...]

How CSS works

CSS is interpreted by the browser (the application used to view the webpage, e.g. Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) and then used to decide how the webpage [...]