Month: December 2017

Tips for all of Your Content

Designed to help you rank well in search engines and enjoy a wider audience, writing content for SEO is a critical part of becoming a well-known blogger in [...]

Content That Supports Good SEO

1. Structure the content in your head before you write it.While nobody is saying you need to sit down and create a “brain map” of your various ideas, [...]

The Importance of Color in Website Design

Color deeply influences the overall look and feel of a website and can form the first impression about a company for visitors. Color is one of the top three [...]

Everything You Need to Know on Social Media for Small Business

You’ve launched your website, opened your doors and created a Facebook Page for your new small business, but what’s next? It’s time to get people aware [...]

Tactics To Improve Search Engine Rankings

SEO is a big topic and many web site owners are overwhelmed, feeling like it’s simply too much to handle, getting “fire hosed” with information from [...]

White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO refers to techniques and strategies used to get higher search rankings, and breaking search engine rules. Black hat SEO focuses on only search [...]

Google Adwords Tips & Tricks

There have been big changes to organic and paid search over the last couple years. Google removed the siderail advertisements from their search results and [...]

Basics of Online Reputation Management

If you are in business, you already know reputation management is vital to your success. When everything is going your way and the press is positive, life is [...]

Social media optimization for small businesses

Social media optimization for small business. What can it accomplish? What exactly can social media optimization (SMO) do for you? The short answer is “a [...]